What to wear to a Halloween party: costumes

The Refined VAMP

There’s nothing more provocative than a woman in a beautiful corset. Dated back to it’s origins, the women of the French court saw the corset as “indispensable to the beauty of the female figure.”


 killin' em


An empowering superhero of her own. Storm is from the Marvel Comics and at times even plays the girlfriend of one this years biggest movie superhero: Black Panther. Her suit is easy to style as an all black latex suit with a gray or platinum white wig and white contacts. The perfect costume alone or paired for a superhero couples costume duo.


Cleopatra la reina del Nilo

Who can be more glamorous than Cleopatra? Her costume exudes regality and elegance. She’s the ultimate provocative costume with just enough seduction without being trashy.

The Bride

A rather new costume trend that continues to show up is the bride costume in celebs like Kourtney Kardashian. A DIY is simple, all you need is a white corset, veil, and tutu. We love to add white stockings and fake blood to finish off the look.

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